Included within our services, our designers are able to help with conceptual ideas with CAD Drawings to bring out the most efficient outcome for the product. We have the top of the line in-house powder coating facility to give customers a wide range of color choices. We also do site installations with our skilled professionals. We are constantly increasing our capability to provide customers a wide selection of materials fabricated from sheet metal,steel wire,tubing,wood and plastics,ETC.

Our Customers

As our customers you are very important to us. Quality products and services at competitive price is what Apple Display Products is known for. So we understand what you require from us and we aim to exceed those requirements on every order. You can trust that we will always work with you to meet the high expectations and deadlines set for every project.


We use cold-rolled mild steel, sheet metal, wire and tubing for our fixtures, which are powder coated in a wide range of colours. Hot rolled mild steel, wood components (plywood panels) and plastics (Lexan Polycarbonate display pockets and coroplast panels) for our fixtures that our also formed by us. Our skill with these materials has proven thus giving customers the idea that we can take on any custom job.


Apple Display Products Ltd. has a fully equipped production plant employing skilled and experienced team of professionals. Our production managers have over 55 years of experience working with customers to make certain products meet expectations. To insure consistent product quality we maintain a constant check at every stage of the manufacturing operation. Our company develops, manufactures and installs display fixtures from companies not only involved in retail selling, but also in a wide range of other industries. We work with our clients from the initial planning to the final production and design stage, to develop units to meet their requirements. We also follow up in the field with installation and customer service.

Packaging & Shipping

Display fixture units have all the required components and hardware either installed or packaged with them. This includes wheels, levellers, nuts & bolts , signage , hooks and other components. We deliver packages individually in boxes (cardboard or foam wrapped) or bulk – ship on wrapped skids as requested by our customers. Of course, you always have the option of using your own transportation to pick up your fixtures. But shipping is available to suit all your needs and requirements. We can ship to any point in America, normally prepaid and Charge or, if you prefer, we will ship Collect. We can ship directly to your stores or distribution centre , or hold your products in inventory for a small storage and handling fee.


Our commitment to the environment has never been stronger! At ADP, we have had recycling, refurbishing and energy conservation programs in place since the beginning of our business.